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The ANF's Strategic Plan for 2015 and Beyond

The ANF seeks to bring down every barrier that is preventing acupuncture from meeting its true potential as a health care resource. As part of our "Strategic Plan for 2015 and Beyond" we have identified acupuncture’s biggest barriers and our efforts to address them.

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Below please find three videos by ANF President, Matthew Bauer. The first video (7 minutes) - "Healing the Acupuncture Profession – Connecting the Dots” - was released in February 2016. It provides an update of the ANF’s activities since our founding as well as detailing our efforts working with acupuncturists internationally. The next two videos (shorter and longer versions) are those we released to announce our founding in late 2014. These videos, together with the Strategic Plan we released in 2015 found above, explain the ANF’s mission of educating the public, healthcare professionals, and health policymakers about the practice of acupuncture. Please contact us with any questions. You can also take advantage of some of our resources and educational outreach campaigns or keep up to date on our blog and Facebook page.

You may also utilize some of our resources and educational outreach campaigns or keep up to date on our blog and Facebook page.


For those looking for more detail, the next video is an extended version of the video above.

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